Welcome Worship Times

Real Encounter Outreach

April 22, Trinity Parking Lot

Join us for this exciting outreach event. Find out more about Real Encounters at www.realencounter.org

Soccer Tournament

March 21 & 22, in the Trinity gym

Cost: $150 per team
Register your team by March 16



@tbclc 15 hours ago
College & Young Professionals Bible Study & Worship at 7 pm tomorrow night in the Cavern cafe. Come early for food and fellowship at 6 pm.
@tbclc 19 hours ago
"Instead of turning your energy against each other, turn your energy, together, against the problem." http://t.co/QsvGNEx7gF
@tbclc 20 hours ago
I just uploaded "Sunday Morning 10:45" to Vimeo: https://t.co/nxIZ5oNFQc
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