Francesca Battistelli

December 6, 7PM in the Central Venue

Join us on December 6 for a special Christmas Concert with Francesca Battistelli
Tickets Sold Out!

Care Night Out

December 5, December 12, 6pm - 10pm

Childcare for Sunday Morning Bible Study classes Christmas party. More information...

@tbclc 9 hours ago
We've been asked "What is this Lights of Lake Area Christmas Celebration going to be?" Watch this video to find out. http://t.co/K14pGXO2GQ
@tbclc 10 hours ago
I just uploaded "Lake Area Christmas Celebration - LIGHTS" to Vimeo: http://t.co/qvScCmFnaP
@tbclc 3 days ago
It's the month for thankfulness. Who are you thankful for today? When was the last time you let them know? http://t.co/KLhQFHRBcq
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