Students: Sunday Morning

The Student Ministry is THE place to be in Lake Charles. We offer ministries for Middle School, High School, and College students—designed with each group in mind. Our Sunday Morning Bible Studies are a place for teaching, discussion, and community. We have age-graded and gender specific classes that meet every week for discipleship!

For more information contact the student ministry office at (337) 480-1555.

Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes & Locations (9:15 am only)

6th Grade Girls                  6th Grade Boys 
• Sasha Rodriguez             • Mark Pitman
• Brooke Roberts               • Mike Mouton

7th Grade Girls                  7th Grade Boys 
• Morgan Miller                 • Ricky Briery
• Abby Dixon                     • Steve Burguieres

8th Grade Girls                  8th Grade Boys
• Jessica Core                    • Corey Barentine
• Robbin Odom                  • Landen O'Quinn
• Mary Briery

9th Grade Girls                  9th Grade Boys 
• Wendy Lechtenberg         • Garth Frenzel
• Kyla Cole                         • Matt Shirley

10th Grade Girls                10th Grade Boys
• Kristen Livergood            • Keith Lechtenberg
• Monique Frenzel              • Tim Honeycutt

11th Grade Girls                11th Grade Boys
• Kayla Hebert                    • Kevin Lovmo           
• Kim Snider                       

12th Grade Girls               12th Grade Boys
• Jenn Shirley                     • Brad Forsyth
• Jenn Lovmo                     • Mike Snider

MS Records
• Sasha Rodriguez

HS Records
• Lori Berwick

     College/Career (Fellowship Hall A)

  •  Jonathan Downs
  •  Amy Downs
  •  Tara Broussard
  •  Mark Bentley
  •  Erin Bentley

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