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How are classes arranged?

We have Sunday Morning Bible study classes for all adults. No matter your age or life stage we have something that would be a good fit for you. In deciding where to start attending a class we encourage you to look at 3 factors: Your age(s), Your life stage, and Relationships with others.

Generally speaking, most people want to find other people who are similar in life stage and age. Therefore most of our classes are arranged by ages. However, we do have some classes that are considered General Adults and open to all life stages, and ages. So we encourage you to visit a variety of classes until you find the one that fits you.



Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes & Locations (8:00 am)

       Married 55+:  Fellowship Hall D
       Married 65+:  Chapel

Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes & Locations (9:15 am)

Single 20's and 30's: W103/105
Married 20's: Fellowship Hall B
Young Married: South Hall C/D
Young Families
: W108/110
Married 30's: South Hall A/B
Married 30's: E234
Married 35-45: E209-211
Married 45-55
: South Hall F/G/H
Married 50's: W104/106
Married 55-65: Fellowship Hall C
Music: Music Suite
Women A (All Ages):  Parlor
International: E162/164 

Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes & Locations (10:45 am)

Married 60's: Parlor
70+ Women: Chapel
Women B (All Ages)
: E162/164
Women C (All Ages): W107/109
Single 50+: South Hall F/G/H

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