Group Fitness Classes

Fit Senior

A well rounded program created especially for senior citizens consisting of walking, low impact aerobics, chair exercises, bending and streatching to cool down. There is no charge for Fit Senior.

Fitness X

This class is a mixture of strength training exercises and cardio movements for optimum body conditioning.

Cardio Circuits

       Utilizes fast-paced and energetic stations to get your heart rate up and increase
       your fitness.

HIIT Fitness (Hight Intensity Interval Training)

This class is alternating periods, or intervals, of extreme, high-intensity exercise for cardio and strength-based movements for body conditioning. 


       Challenging and fun way to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn lots of

Strength Training

       This class encompasses total body strength training and toning.


Dance-based fitness class that incorporates both cardio and resistance training components designed to tone and sculpt the entire body. Zumba is designed for adults of all ages and fitness levels, class participants at any level can start Zumba right away.


Group Fitness Classes will now be covered under your Trinity Center Membership Fees. All group fitness class participants will need to have a membership. 


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